Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday - Postpartum hair problems

Today's Words of Wisdom post is something that I'm sure most new moms have experienced - hair loss and changes in the overall look and hair health. During my pregnancy I was shocked how my hair, nails  and skin looked AMAZING. Of course hormones had a lot to do with it as well as the vitamin supplements I was taking at the time. I was so happy to finally have thick and shiny hair that was manageable and easily transformed into different hairstyles, but little did I know that the happiness is not going to last for a long time.

Shortly after I gave birth, around the three month mark I started loosing a lot of hair. And by a lot I mean chunks of hair everywhere, on my clothes, my pillow... That was a scary experience for me. In just two weeks time I noticed bald spots on my head, so I figured it was time for me to visit my doctor and try to find solution to this problem.

I always thought that I lost a lot of hair because I was breastfeeding, but I was wrong again. It was actually the imbalance of hormones in my body after I gave birth that caused my hair loss, but in my case it was pretty dramatic so the doctor recommended I get a few things to stimulate the growth of new hair and preserve the remaining. Here are the things that worked for me:

1.The first thing was taking a vitamin supplement. My doctor recommended the MERZ spezial vitamins which are a formula aimed at improving hair, skin and nail health. After three months of using them I can say that they have helped me stop loosing hair and my hair is shinier than ever. My nails that were always so fragile are now better than ever and I've noticed a change in my otherwise dry skin.

2. Getting a new good quality shampoo is also very important. The doctor's recommendation was ALPECIN hair Energizer - and let me tell you this thing is pretty amazing. Just after a short time I noticed a lot of new hairs and I didn't need to use additional products to create volume.

3. Last but not least, and actually most important is the DIET - include a lot of vitamin C packed fruits, green leafy vegetables and iron rich foods. Make yourself a green smoothie so that you will get all the nutrients in one glass. Beauty comes from the inside and tweaking your diet might be the only thing you need for great hair.
These are the changes that I've made and that have helped me immensely. Six months after using these products my hair looked a lot better. I am still working on achieving the state where I want my hair to be but so far I am happy with the fact that I can proudly wear it down. 
If you are experiencing hair loss please check with your doctor first to determine the cause and treat the problem accordingly.  I hope this was helpful.

Have a great day!


  1. I had some hair issues after my first pregnancy. I opted for the natural route and saw great results. A few drops of rosemary oil in my shampoo and switching to a non chemical shampoo had me back to normal in no time. Enjoyed looking around your place today. #BB100

    1. Great suggestion Melissa - green and budget-friendly. I'll give it a try to revive my hair for spring. Thank you for visiting!


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