Thursday, October 3, 2013

First things first

Starting the Mommy Battles blog was an idea that matured for quite some time before it actually found its place on the net. A great number of blog post ideas kept popping inside our minds and we started taking photos and notes, making plans and preparations before we even decided on a name. The easy flow of thoughts was interrupted when we began work on the initial post. Finding the words to express who we are and what our blogging philosophy is proved to be the most time consuming and strenuous mental activity.

So, why Mommy Battles?

Because the life of a mommy is a constant stream of small battles and never ending dilemmas – how to have a smooth morning routine, what’s for dinner, what’s the easiest and most effective way to clean grout, how to potty train your toddler, what present to buy for your nephew’s birthday and remain calm, well-dressed and well-versed at the same time. It’s the multitude of such things that comprise a mom’s life and we wanted to transfer that notion to the blog. There will be everything and anything, but in the end, all of it will be one compact whole. 

Who’s behind the blog?

Two enthusiastic moms, who share a lot of similarities but lead different lives, have different parenting approaches and different writing styles. This blog will embrace diverse, and sometimes opposing, points of view, a variety of tips and tricks, food and fashion, home keeping and family making.
We hope you’ll enjoy it!

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