Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday - Tips and tricks on getting your child to stay in the stroller

          After having a lot of trouble getting my little girl to stay in the stroller, I tried everything and read all there is about my problem on the Internet. By trial and error I finally found what works best for me and my baby and I am sharing some tips hoping to help other moms in need. 

1. Comfort - Make sure your baby is sitting comfortably in the stroller and is well-fed and rested. If there is any other discomfort your little one will not tolerate it and the ride would be more of an ordeal than a pleasure. So, before you leave the house check if the stroller is a comfy place for your precious baby.

2. Weather - When going out, make sure that your baby is not too hot nor too cold and dress him / her in layers so that you'll always be able to put on or take off a layer depending on the weather conditions. Babies don't like direct sunlight in their eyes so invest in a sun cover or a stroller umbrella.

3. Toys - Always have a toy that you know your baby likes and use it when out with the stroller. The new toy will distract him / her for a while. I keep a small bag of rarely used toys in my diaper bag and change them once she is no longer interested in them.

4. Snacks - If your baby is old enough to eat on its own, have a snack ready for him / her. There are countless options when it comes to snacks but choose ones that aren't messy and won't leave stains on the stroller or your baby's clothes. Our personal favorites are carrot sticks, baby crackers, bananas, apples ...

5. Patience - Last but definitely not least, be patient in the process since some babies need more time to get used to the stroller and each and every child is different. Start with a 10 minute walk and every day add a minute or two to the previous one, so that your baby will gradually get used to the idea of sitting in the stroller for longer periods of time. 

I am now happy to say that we take two hour long walks without any problems whereas a couple of months ago we were afraid to go out the front door because of her loud screaming every time we put her in the stroller.

 What are some other tips and tricks that have helped you? I would love to read your comments on this subject.

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