Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Words of Wisdom Wednesday - 10 ways to stay healthy and in shape when being a mommy

            There are so many different articles about staying in shape, losing weight, and staying healthy overall on all social media networks. But if you look closely they are all trying to sell you something or are meant for people in general, and as other mommies out there know, we don’t have much time on our hands, especially new moms. Trying to juggle your baby, the household, marriage, work and staying healthy is close to impossible. So for all of you moms out there that want to look great without changing your schedule this post is for you.

  1. Drink lots of water – Easy, right? If you have no habit of drinking water, try this. Every time you breastfeed your baby drink a glass of water, or if your baby is bottle fed drink water while you’re preparing the formula. Develop such a habit and you will see and feel the difference.
  1. Lots of fresh air- Being indoors all day with a baby can be stressful. Sometimes fresh air will do both you and your baby a lot of good. Try taking afternoon walks with the stroller and chose a place where you feel calm and relaxed. Increase the duration of the walk each day.
  1. Eat a lot of fruits – Since I personally love to prepare my baby food, I always have a lot of fruits and veggies at hand. Every time I prepare something for her I eat some fruit myself, instead of drinking coffee or eating chocolate. It’s an easy and fast energy boost and yet healthy and slimming.
  1. Vegetables in a cup - Eating salads is a great way to incorporate more veggies in your diet but if you want to use up leftover vegetables make homemade juices. Just take whatever is left in the fridge and is starting to go bad, add some fruit for a better taste and you’ll have an easy and budget friendly healthy drink.
  1. Snacks - Make kids’ snacks your snacks too - carrot sticks, cheese, homemade fruit yogurt … the options are endless. By avoiding junk food you’re also setting an example of proper diet early on.
  1. Eliminate at least one chemical product in your household  – There are a lot of products that can be eliminated from our everyday cleaning and hygiene routines  but this one can easily be replaced -Air freshener. You can always live without it or use natural air fresheners instead.
  1. Warm baths - Take warm baths whenever you can.  They can help relieve the  stress in your life and a stress-free mommy is good for everyone. :)
  1. Pilates ball - They are amazing and I think everyone should have one in their home. You can bounce on it with your baby, use it as a chair while you’re eating, watching TV or working on the computer – it’s a great workout for your belly, bottom and legs.
  1. Play time - If you have an active toddler or a fussy baby you’ll have to step up on play time. Dancing and singing are kids’ favorite activities and they also turn you into a calorie-burning machine. When kids get older focus on different ball games or enjoy a bicycle ride together and you’ll benefit from the quality time as well.
  1. And last but not least, positivity - be positive about everything- each morning when you wake up try to say at least three things that you are grateful for that day and do the same at night. Positivity is a huge factor in everyone’s wellbeing. With a positive attitude, good thoughts and set goals set you can do anything and everything.

I hope you’ll find these 10 tips helpful. I know I did.
Take care!

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